ZEISS MyoCare – Give your child a better outlook on life!

ZEISS MyoCare spectacle lenses are aimed to correct vision and slow down myopia progression in children.

What is myopia and what causes myopia?

Myopia is called nearsightedness and it is basically a form of visual impairment. When a nearsighted person looks into the distance, a blurred image is produced in the eye (on the retina).

As children grow, their eyes become longer. The level of myopia increases if eye elongation is more than it should be at a given age. If progressing myopia is left untreated, it can negatively impact a child’s quality of life and increase the risk of developing long-term vision issues.

There are multiple causes that contribute to the increasing prevalence of myopia: genetic aspects, child’s habits and behavior… Progressive myopia in children should be corrected with a visual aid that gives the child clear and comfortable vision, while also managing myopia progression.

ZEISS MyoCare spectacle lenses are backed by ZEISS innovation and more than a decade of experience in developing lenses aimed to manage myopia progression. MyoCare design is the first myopia management solution from ZEISS.

How do ZEISS MyoCare lenses work?

Characteristic of MyoCare design is ZEISS C.A.R.E.® technology (Cylindrical Annular Refractive Elements) on the front surface of the lens – clear central zone for optical vision correction, and special C.A.R.E. elements that are featured from the edge of the clear zone expanding to the edge of the lens. This technology aims to slow down the elongation of the eyeball, while delivering comfortable and good vision. On the back surface of the lens ZEISS Clear focus provides the exact power and minimizes unwanted defocus.

Every diopter matters, so the best time to manage progressive myopia in children is immediately.

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