MAX is a brand that originated in Grossoptic’s manufacturing facility.

“MAX” is characterized by the uniqueness of the collection, discreet tones, as well as a broad fashion spectrum that fits all generations. MAX collection contains models for children, the young, for business engaged customers, as well as for mature-age users.


Safilo is a global leader in the designing, manufacturing and distribution of sunglasses, optical frames, sports glasses and related products.

Owing to the strong master expertise dating from 1878, Safilo transforms its designs into high quality products in keeping with the Italian tradition.

Grossoptic distributes following Sofilo group brands:

Basic brands:

Carrera, Polaroid i Safilo

License brands:

Fendi, Boss, David Beckham, Elie Saab, Fossil, Givenchy, HUGO, Jimmy Choo, Levi’s, Love Moschino, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Pierre Cardin i Tommy Hilfiger.

Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona manufactures eyeglasses from natural materials equipped with mineral glass lenses.

Mineral glass lenses by Barberini are made of pure crystal and are the most advanced in the world, resistant to impacts, scratching, high temperatures, static electricity, containing three antireflective layers.

Art, culture and creativity inspire their lively designs and the manner in which we can better see the world.

Their experience and knowledge stretch back over 70 years. For 20 years already, they are using artisan techniques to create the best quality eyeglasses on the market. Etnia Barcelona challenges all to be fearless. They are color, art and culture, but above all, they are a city full of life – Barcelona. Work with natural materials such as cotton, wood and glass, secures maximum comfort and optimal visual experience. Quality materials prolong the life of their products. Their durability contributes to reducing human impact on the environment.


Their roots are in Japan, a country as diverse as it is fascinating, where CHARMANT group was founded by Kaoru Horikava in 1956.

Although today they operate globally, they remain faithful to source Japanese values. Their corporate philosophy and manufacturing ethos are guided by these values, securing that precision and quality are always the first priority in everything they do.

Grossoptic has the following Charmant brands in its offer: Esprit, Elle, Charmant Titanium Perfection, Charmant Z.


In 1896, goldsmith Ferdinand Menrad founded his company “Wurttembergische Optische lndustrie-Anstalt Ferdinand Menrad” in Schwäbisch Gműnd, which later became a group, and currently encompasses eight brands: Menrad, Blueberry, BOGNER, Davidoff, Jaguar, Joop!, Morgan, Revo.

Grossoptic company distributes the Jaguar brand.

The JAGUAR glasses collection reflects a unique elegance based on the design of the JAGUAR sports car. The design path contains a close connection. A similarity is visible in the details from carbon fibers, wood particles to quality materials characteristic for the collection. Lens shapes are closely connected to the design language of cars, and so is the transfer of color that adds the JAGUAR magic to these frames, making them desirable products for men.