Blue Cut UV

A protective coating specially developed for individuals who spend the majority of their time indoors exposed to harmful blue light from LED or LCD TVs, monitors, laptops, tablets, smart phones, GPS devices.

Blue Cut UV protects against harmful blue-violet light and UV radiation.

Satin Coat

A premium protective anti-reflective coating that gives the lens superior properties, increasing visual acuity and reducing fatigue. It repels water drops, makes fogging more difficult.

It also has an additional antistatic properties that prevents particles of dust and other impurities to stick.

Achromatic Plus

Transparent anti-reflective protective coating which provides high transparency and excellent visual comfort to the user.

It is intended for wide application, additionally effective for making photos, public appearances, popular selfies or appearances in front of the camera.

Multi Coat

A standard protective anti-reflective coating, that reduces reflection from the lens and provides maximum transparency for 99.8% of light that reaches the eye.

UV protection

UV rays are harmful for our skin and our eyes, and although UV light is invisible, longer exposure to UV rays can have serious health consequences.

The ERP protective coating provides full UV 400 protection for your eyes and surrounding tissue.

Tinted lenses

Ophthalmic lenses can be tinted to a series of modern colors with different tint percentages.

Tinting provides the eye protection from sunlight as well as UV radiation.

Mirror coating effects

Mirror effect is a coating placed on the outer surface of the lens in six different attractive colors.