Blue Cut UV

Blue Cut UV is a lens coating specially developed for people who spend most of their time indoors and are exposed to harmful blue light from LED or LCD televisions, screens, tablets, mobile phones, GPS devices.

Blue Cut UV protects against potentially harmful blue-violet light and UV radiation.

Satin Coat

Satin Coat is a premium anti-reflective coating that gives the lenses superior properties, increases visual acuity and reduces fatigue. It prevents water droplets from sticking to the lens and thus prevents fogging and blurring.

It is enriched with antistatic properties that prevent the adhesion of dust particles and other impurities.

Achromatic Plus

Achromatic Plus is a lens coating that protects the wearer’s eyes without affecting its aesthetics. The colourless anti-reflection coating increase the transparency of lenses improving vision clarity and comfort for the wearer.

It is created to better follow the trends of modern lifestyle.

Multi Coat

Multi Coat is a multi-layer lens coating that reduces unwanted reflection to 0.8% and allows light transmission to 99%, which ensures better vision, as well as clearer perception of colors, space and contrast.

It reduces reflection and glare of room light and thus decreases eye strain.


IDrive is a premium lens coating that reduces glare, sharpens the image and improves the efficiency of the driving lens.

IDrive protective coating is exclusively applied on lenses within the Drive Concept line.

Protection from UV rays

UV rays are harmful for our skin and our eyes, and although UV light is invisible, longer exposure to UV rays can have serious health consequences.

The ERP protective coating provides full UV 400 protection for your eyes and surrounding tissue.

Tinted lenses

Ophthalmic lenses can be tinted to a series of modern colors with different tint percentages.

Tinting provides the eye protection from sunlight as well as UV radiation.

Mirror coating effects

Mirror effect is a coating placed on the outer surface of the lens in six different attractive colors.