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Achromatic Plus

It was created in order to follow better the trends of modern way of life. The neutral and transparent appearance of the lens with this protective coating offers to the wearer a better aesthetic result, even when taking photos.

Extremely suitable for professions where realistic perception of colors, clarity and sharpness of the image are important. It meets the needs of a modern woman who wants to emphasize eye make-up, but will also please everyone who wants their look to be noticed. Reduced distractive reflections are also effective for everyday photographs, popular selfies, facing in front of the camera or during public appearances.

Due to its transparency, it is a good solution for tinted, photochromatic and polarized lenses. Achromatic Plus is enhanced also with antistatic properties that prevent adhesion of dust particles and other impurities. The lenses with this coating become dirty much less quickly providing easy cleaning and maintenance.

Achromatic Plus protective coating:

Reduces distractive reflection


Repels dust particles

Resistant to water drops

Fast defogging

Resistant to scratching

Easy to clean and maintain