It seems to me like I started doing this yesterday, but when I look back, as far as the eye can see, I do not see the beginning of the road from where I started. Today, after almost 30 years of operation, Gross Optic is the absolute leader in the region and its presence is much larger than the country in which it was created and from which I myself come. I always made an effort to do things better than others and to truly dedicate myself to this, to try to understand the needs of our clients as well as the real quality of what we offer them. Our current position in markets where we are present gives us the right to be satisfied with what we have done so far, and yet, when I think about how much more can be improved and how many new ideas I have, I realize that we are just at the beginning of the road. I believe that commitment and responsibility is what makes companies successful in the long run. The company, and I personally, have suffered countless difficulties - wars, regional divisions, embargoes, one of the record inflations in world history, a flooding of our entire production plant… Maybe that is why our success is even more valuable. We emerged from all these difficulties stronger, larger, more determined to move forward. I created a winning team, found people who love their job like me, and we mastered production and work technology. Our products are positioned as high quality, at an affordable price, and our services are a role model for many companies that are now beginning their development.We are currently present in 8 countries with direct operations, and are planning further development and consolidation of some already mastered markets. We have started structuring the company according to principles of multinational companies, and again, we managed to preserve the humane and social side of working and living together.

CRYSTAL CLEAR is the company motto for many years and we will do our best in the future to ensure that this motto refers to the quality and advantages of Grossoptic, as well as to the crystal clear vision of our end users.


Director of Grossoptic

Grossoptic has a plant for the production of mineral lenses as well as a plant for the production of prescription lenses; this has defined the basic principle of company development. Continuous improvement of business process and investment in cutting edge technology have enabled sales of a wide range of innovative and functional products.

Grossoptic incorporates a factory for production of ophthalmic lenses with a modern plant for Rx lenses and a plant for serial production; also wholesale and distribution of several best-known brands of ophthalmic equipment, tools and fashion accessories. By constantly monitoring global trends in the field of optics, Grossoptic strives to improve its business by continuously investing in manufacturing capacities and expanding its product portfolio, listening to the needs and habits of consumers. This manner of doing business has proven to be successful and Grossoptic will continue to develop it with dedication in the future.