The first exhibition designed to be seen through glasses!

Museum Day and 122 years of Ethnographic Museum existence, one of the most important cultural institutions in Serbia, were celebrated on September 20 in Belgrade.

During officially opening exhibition named Reading Colors, that was specially prepared for Museum Day, Marina Cvetković (exhibition author) said: “The exhibition Reading Colors provides a cultural-historical review of the color importance in Serbian traditional society, while pointing to an essentially important ecological perspective. We hope that in this way we will encourage experiments and workshops for natural yarn dyeing”.

Reading colors is the first exhibition in Serbia designed to be seen through tinted lenses. This provides visitors completely different visual experience of exhibited objects. Contribution of Grossoptic company (as one of the main event sponsors), enabled a breakthrough in relation to the traditional ways of presenting museum objects.

By using and seeing through tinted lenses, all visitors will certainly have the opportunity to more intensively experience the exhibition objects, which mostly belong to the Serbian tradition from the 19th century.


With this creative, innovative and responsible solution, the Ethnographic Museum aims to encourage the expansion of environmental awareness as the most important issue of the 21st century.