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Progressive Optima DualDigital

Optima DualDigital is a progressive lens representing a new generation of progressive lenses that distribute progressing diopters on both sides of the lens, both inside and outside.

Overall these progressive lenses have a considerably lower level of astigmatism interferences in peripheral zones compared to progressive lenses where the total progression is placed only on the inner side.

Standard progressive lenses

Optima DualDigital


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Benefits for the wearer of Optima DualDigital lenses are a field of vision larger by up to 50% depending on the diopter, elimination of the swim effect and of image distortion along the edges of the lens, as well as a reduction of the intensity of peripheral aberrations by up to 30%.


Up to 30% reduction of intensity of peripheral aberrations

Elimination of the swim effect and image distortion along the edges of the lens

Reduced image distortion resulting in better clarity and acuity

Thinner and lighter lenses compared to standard progressive lenses

Up to 50% larger field of vision depending on the diopter offering comfort and eliminating the problem of adaptation

Progressive Optima DualDigital can also be ordered with individual parameters.