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Progressive Optima Plus

Optima Plus progressive lenses represent the basic progressive model made with Free-form technology.

Some people on the threshold of presbyopia want a progressive model that is functional for everyday use with a comfortable far distance and a satisfactory reading zone, which does not require a long period of adaptation.

Although the basic model, this progressive is available in a wide range of materials and gives the option of choosing different models of spectacle frames. The lens materials are enriched with different high-quality protective coatings.

Optima Plus is designed for wearers who want a progressive lens with universal application with a short adaptation period.

Functional for everyday use

Suitable even for small frames

Fast adaptation period

The design, comfort and performance of Optima Plus can be further improved by introducing individual parameters. Taking into account the data of the selected spectacle frame and the unique parameters of the wearer, an improved individual lens is obtained with excellent optical properties.