Progressive Optima HD

Optima HD is a universal type of progressive lenses with a wide application with easy adaptation.

Comfortable and pleasant from the very first wearing, Optima HD is the best solution for everyday use because it provides exceptional characteristics and visual acuity.

Progressive Indoor HD

Progressive Indoor HD is a model of progressive lenses designated for indoor activities.

They offer maximum comfort for reading, work on a computer, artisan and similar activities.

Progressive Dynamic HD

Progressive Dynamic HD is a model of progressive lenses designated for active individuals constantly on the move.

It is ideal for outdoor activities and is characterized by a wide field for distance vision.

Progressive UltraLite

Progressive UltraLite is a model of progressive lenses developed to fulfill requirements of active users in a modern environment.

It is an ideal solution for beginners, as well as experienced wearers who decide to change the frame or the model of progressive lenses.

Progressive Optima DualDigital

Optima Dual Digital progressive lenses result from the use of a variable base and the latest technologies of lens manufacture.

Lenses with a variable base are thinner and lighter compared to standard progressive lenses, and they provide users with a larger field of vision at all distances, reduce intensity of peripheral aberrations, and the image becomes more clear.

Progressive Individual

Progressive Individual is a superior progressive lens that follows the needs of every individual.

When manufacturing the progressive lens numerous data and parameters are considered in order to obtain a lens fully adapted to individual needs of the user.