Eye protection against UV radiation has become a an important segment of eye care. Every stay outdoors implies that we are exposed to harmful UV radiation and that it is very important to protect our eyes. Regardless if we need spectacles with diopter or not, we need to find adequate sunglasses that will provide full UV protection and clear vision during outdoor activities.

In its portfolio, Grossoptic offers following categories of lenses for sun protection: tinted ophthalmic lenses, mirror lenses, photochromatic lenses and polarized lenses.

Tinted lenses

Mirror lenses

Photochromatic lenses – photosensitive lenses

Polarized lenses

Tinted lenses

Ophthalmic lenses can be tinted in a series of colors with various percentages of tinting.

Tinting provides the eye protection against Sun’s radiation as well as UV radiation.

Mirror coating effects

Mirror effect is a coating placed on the outer surface of the lens in six different attractive colors.

Photosensitive lenses

An increasing number of people wearing eyeglasses desires to have one pair of modern glasses that they can use indoors as well as outdoors.

Owing to modern technology, it is now possible to have transparent ophthalmic lenses, that outdoors in contact with UV rays become dark to a certain percentage, protecting you from harmful UV rays.

Polarized lenses

The glare of the Sun on wet flat surfaces creates a very unpleasant feeling for the eyes, especially for drivers when driving.

When driving, any glare or flash coming from the road or an area beside the road is a hinderance and potential safety risk.